Widespread Panic Closing Bonnaroo 2008

We’ve gotten a bunch of festival updates lately as the summer vacation planning starts to heat up, and we’ll probably do a post on that random stuff sometime in the next day or so. I didn’t want to wait on this announcement, though. I wanted to drop it like it was hot. Do the kids still say that sorta thing these days?

We just caught wind that Widespread Panic is going to be the festival finale at Bonnaroo 2008, one band sure to keep the jambanders happy and content with the continually diversifying lineup. Paul just caught these guys in NYC for two nights and Andrew just caught the final night of their run here in Chicago (photos on that coming soon), so we happen to be pretty psyched to see these guys still carrying the jamband torch in a scene that clearly needs a few more heavy-hitters to keep the feeling alive after Phish left us.