What It’s All About

I’m completely honored that I got a shoutout on Gapers Block today.

Blogging Live Music
The succinctly named Live Music Blog is the web baby of northside Chicagoan Justin Ward. A venue (ha!) for his widely varying tastes in music, the blog is one part podcast, one part news thread and one part discussion group. The topics range from guesstimates on upcoming festival lineups, to music you should be listening to, to the news of a newly re-re-named local venue. (First titled the “World Music Center”, then “Tweeter Center” now you can call it the First Midwest Bank Amphitheater. Whatever you call it, you still have to drive out to Tinley Park.) [Thanks, Dan!]

Yes, thank you, Dan! The post was written by Anne. I’m her biggest fan right now.

This blog was definitely one of the first I admired and I’ve looked to it for inspiration ever since. I continue to look to it for inspiration and quality Chicago-centric content. You should, too.

[Gapers Block]