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Perpetual Groove @ Martyrs

Morning, folks…

It was a fun week on there here Live Music Blog. Too bad I missed the Bjork show the Auditorium Theater on Saturday night. Greg Kot got to go and said this…

For the closing “Declare Independence,” the singer sounded like the teenage punk she once was. “Raise your flag!” she commanded. “Higher! Higher!” her band responded. Though the singer didn’t mention it, there was a political message underlying many of these songs. “Army of Me” said it best: “Stand up, you’ve got to manage.”

Be yourself, in other words. All one had to do was look at the stage to see an example of that in action.

Read on for your full weekly roundup and look for plenty more updates this week as we settle into our workweek. We’re hitting a couple of the Arcade Fire shows this weekend at the Chicago Theater, so hope to have some photo updates soon after. Pitchfork just published an interview with the band (i.e. Win Butler); I’ll be catching up on that today.

  • Sasquatch 2007 | Schedule Posted
    The schedule for the 2007 Sasquatch Music Festival has been finalized and posted. The original lineup post has been updated with the full reprint. Tough choices for the first day of the festival: Bjork or the (Instrumental) Beastie Boys? The…
  • Concert.TV Adds News Division for Live Music Scene
    The TV channel and website for “Live Music Television” seems like it has slowly been bubbling out of the underground since its initial launch back in 2003. I don’t have Comcast Cable so I haven’t seen enough from Concert.TV to give a solid assessment. But I did find it interesting that they’ve now launched a news division.
  • Download Live Music: B.O.O.T.L.E.G.S.
    Fully aware of the fact that this is the kind of site that most bands or serious live music fans would frown upon, I figured I’d drop a link to a new site that I found that offers up live…
  • Mayor of Ithaca: ‘May 8th 2007 is Grateful Dead Day’
    Back in April, the mayor of Ithaca, NY, announced that Tuesday, 5/8/07, would be declared Grateful Dead day in Ithaca. The Dark Star Orchestra will headline the State Theatre to celebrate Ithaca’s “Grateful Dead Day” by, of course, re-creating the band’s setlist from 5/8/77 at Barton Hall.
  • Someone’s Got a Case of the Mule Mondays
    I just caught that a fellow music blogger is doing something similar to what we do every Friday around here, i.e. Phish Fridays. Ross over at Rock Music Daily is doing an MP3 post every Monday with cuts from one…
  • Jazzfest 2007 | Downloads and Torrents
    Photo © danfun Jazzfest wrapped up this past weekend after two weeks of celebrating music, food, and culture in the Big Easy. JamBase sent a couple folks and they’ve got some fantastic coverage up. Danfun went and he’ll be…
  • Dark Star Orchestra 5/8/07, Ithaca, NY
    As I mentioned yesterday, in honor of the Grateful Dead’s much-hyped show at Barton Hall on 5/8/77, the Mayor of Ithaca created a holiday and the Dark Star Orchestra performed one of their patented re-creations of the show in its entirety. As it turns out, Stanley T. Roper (Live Music Blog friend and frequent Phish Friday contributor), actually caught the DSO’s performance last night at the State Theatre.
  • Hump Day Video | Different But Smelling the Same
    Umphrey’s McGee – Syncopated Strangers (4/21/07) [YouTube] A truly solid highlight from the Umphrey’s McGee Green Apple Music Festival show at the Vic in Chicago. Enjoy; I know I sure did….
  • Jam Cruise 6
    The lineup for Jam Cruise 6 has been announced. Warren Haynes, Yonder Mountain String Band, Everyone Orchestra, and Galactic top off the bill…
  • 2007 Austin City Limits Music Festival Lineup
    The 2007 lineup for the annual Austin City Limits Festival has been finalized. Most of the rumored bands did end up on the final lineup, or at least at first glance. Hands down, this lineup looks absolutely incredible for…
  • Dub Echoes | Documentary on Jamaican Dub Music
    I just checked out this trailer for the upcoming documentary about Jamaican dub music, called Dub Echoes by Brazilian journalist and documentarian Bruno Natal. This looks (and sounds) very cool.
  • 10KLF ’07 Schedule Announced
    The schedule for 10KLF ’07 has been finalized and posted. “Plan your auditory odyssey in advance” right here (once again, powered by our friends over at JamBase). In case you forgot, the lineup this year includes all the jamband…
  • Heady Links | Digital Music/Concert Industry Edition
    I’ve been trying to catch up on some digital music and concert industry news this week. There’s a lot going on, so you know what that means? Yep, a ‘Digital Music and Concert Industry’ version of Heady Links. Grab your afternoon coffee and check it out…
  • Cell Phone PGroove at Martyrs
    Last night was awesome. Whit and I got together, took a walk over to Martyrs, saw a fun Perpetual Groove show (most of it), marveled at the fact that the bassist of the band had to be my friend robotic’s…
  • Phish Friday | Chula Vista ’99
    For today’s selection, I grabbed a somewhat random piece from my own back catalog of shows I had amassed as a fan. There was a fantastic run of shows through California on the Fall 1999 tour, and the show at the Coors Ampitheatre in Chula Vista stood out for me.
  • Sonic Bloom 2007
    The lineup for Sonic Bloom 2007 was just announced, featuring ZILLA, STS9, Bassnectar, The Motet and more…
  • Festival Tip: Bring Your Own Toilet Paper
    The Glastonbury Music Festival in the UK is giving away eco-friendly toilet paper to all festival patrons as they arrive. We’re choosing to ignore that advice by offering up our own “Festival Tip” — bring your own toilet paper.
  • Wakarusa Music Festival 2007 | Schedule Announced
    The 2007 Wakarusa Music Festival has announced its schedule, and as always, the folks at Jambase have created their nifty scheduling grid.
  • Umphrey’s and Bisco in Jamaica | Caribbean Holidaze Lineup and Details
    A few weeks back, Justin dropped the news that Umphrey’s McGee and the Disco Biscuits had announced a festival-type excursion down in Jamaica, called “Caribbean Holidaze,” but had yet to finalize the details. We’ve now got those details…
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