Weekly Roundup

Man we were light on posting last week. I’ve been totally out of loop since moving into a new apartment, but now that I’m settled in and mostly unpacked I’ll have some more time to devote to this here website. Sorry for the lack of updates from my side. I always apologize, I know — and that really doesn’t do much, I know — but just understand that I have really been trying hard to keep up as the site is still something I very much love to do and I love that people still come hang out with us online.

Here’s a bunch of other stuff that was going on while we weren’t posting too many articles.

  • Marco Benevento is being joined by Reed Mathis and Jon Fishman (!) for four dates in the Northeast in early November. That, my friends, is insane. Someone remind me to download those shows. [Hidden Track]
  • Ryan posted the latest Live Music Podcast, an Arcade Fire set from Vegoose 2005. [The Live Music Podcast]
  • Built to Spill covered “Paper Planes” live in Italy and it sounds really amazing. Anyone know where to find a full version? [Stereogum]
  • LL Cool J just played House of Blues in Chicago and liveDaily was there to take photos. I wonder if it was any good. [liveDaily]
  • Ticketmaster just bought a talent agency. I thought that was the only thing they did not have power over already, the talent side of the equation. [liveDaily]

More good stuff to come, folks. I missed you guys.