Weekly Roundup

It was a slower-than-average on Live Music Blog last week but it’s still worth a Monday Morning quickie post rounding it all up…

There’s still a bunch of roundup stuff that I need to post from SXSW, even though I’m sure it’s losing it’s luster (even to myself). Rest assured that we’ve got plenty of other good stuff above and beyond that coming up this week — stay tuned…

  • Arctic Monkeys | 2007 Tour Dates and New Video

    The Arctic Monkeys have set up a solid run of tourdates in the U.K. and the U.S. in March and April, including a stop at Coachella. They’re also testing out an innovative way of selling tickets to fans for their U.K. tour. In order to allow “everyone to have the best and equal chance,” they’re distributing tickets through a lottery system to fans who have pre-registered online. Cool idea, and something I’d love to see more bands try out on our side of the pond.
  • Bjork | 2007 Tour Dates

    While some of her new music can be slightly over-the-top, I still enjoy Bjork’s music and I still list the time I saw her in 2001 as one of my favorite concert experiences ever.

Roundup continued after the jump…

  • Live from SXSW 2007: Friday Roundup

    The day started off slow for me as I had a really fun night before running to three different shows around Austin. I grabbed a slice of storefront pizza on 6th Street as I wandered from venue to venue seeing what day parties where on the schedule for the day.
  • Live Music Photo Roundup | J. Nicholas Tolson

    Feel free to show Nicholas some love in the comments; I personally love a lot of these photos and I’d be eager to see more.
  • Langerado 2007 | Final Thoughts

    We had a blast down in Florida and have finally settled back into “normal life. I’ve been to numerous music festivals and extravaganzas, and this definitely has found a spot on the top of that list. Here’s why…
  • Live from SXSW 2007: Prefix Mag Videos

    None of my videos from SXSW came out watchable so I was quite bummed when I realized I didn’t have much to share from that department…
  • Jam in the ‘Dam 2007 | Photos

    Sam Friedman is currently finishing up his photo gallery from Jam in the ‘Dam 2007, the already legendary festival that just finished up its third year in charming Amsterdam. I imagine he’s got more photos coming but you can see all of his shots so far in this Flickr set.
  • North Mississippi Allstars | Live on NPR on Friday

    I never knew they called their style “world boogie.” Whatever it’s called, I’ve generally liked the little bit that I’ve heard.
  • 2007 Virgin Festival(s) | Early Lineups Announced!

    The headlining lineups for the 2007 Virgin Music Festivals have all been announced (for the most part). Yes, that was plural — Virgin Music Festivals.
  • Phish Friday | Europe ’98 Redux

    Phish performed a nine-show Europe run in June-July 1998 after completing the studio sessions for Story of the Ghost. The last live shows before these – the Island Tour – have since been released in their entirety and quickly assumed their place in Phish lore. The next live show upon their return stateside (7/15/98 Portland) was later released as Live Phish Vol. 17. If proximity to official releases is any indication, these shows were sure to be some good stuff.
  • moe’s snoe.down | Currently Going Down

    So moe. is currently doing its annual snoe.down festival up in Lake Placid, New York. Although I’m not the biggest moe. fan, I have a lot of respect for this band’s ability to rile up a crowd, rock out a fun show, and build a successful independent business.
  • New STS9 Podcast Love, 2007 Tour Dates

    “You, as a band, should make your own podcast and submit it to iTunes. Let the label sell your music — you should give away the rest!” I’ll admit that pitch is rather selfish which I normally talked around as, “well, you’ll see my thought process rear itself harder once the entitled generation figures out how they want to consume your music and help you make money, because it’s NOT going to be from record sales (in case you didn’t know that already).”
  • Podcast #055 – Apollo Sunshine @ Langerado 2007

    While we’re not actually featuring a set from the SXSW Music Festival, their set from Langerado 2007 was very similar in nature and song selection. I’ve selected my favorites from there and put that together as our fifty-fifth podcast…Enjoy.

Hope everyone has a great week out there in live music land. Any good shows coming up this week? See any good shows last week? Let us know in the comments…