Weekly Roundup

While we get started on tons of news to catch up on from last week, sit back, relax and enjoy the posts we did put up and stay tuned for more…

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  • A Tale of Two Awards Shows | Grammys vs. PLUGs
    If you don’t give a s*** about the Grammys, you might be more interested in the PLUG awards, which took place last night at Irving Plaza in New York City and was hosted by comedian David Cross…
  • Keep An Ear On Fluttreffect
    With the intense vocals of Kara Trott leading the way and support coming from the electric cello and guitar as well as the traditional percussion and the untraditional marimba, Fluttreffect gives listeners a unique sound deserving of some attention.
  • Arcade Fire | 2007 Tour Dates
    If you hang out in the music blog world at all, the Arcade Fire hype can sometimes be deafening. I’m not completely convinced they’re set to take over the world, especially until I get to experience their live set.
  • Bonnaroo 2007 | Lineup Leaked
    But today, a near full day before the lineup was to be officially announced, we’ve got the Bonnaroo 2007 lineup straight from the source…
  • My Thoughts on the Bonnaroo Lineup
    This has to be one of the most exciting music festival lineups I’ve ever seen and I commend Superfly for putting this together. Every year, they successfully question the status quo programmed into all of these distinct crowds that they hope to attract, and every year people discuss the merits and pitfalls associated with such a grand experiment. And want to know what — every year it goes off without a hitch with critics and fans far and away praising the festival. I expect nothing but the same for this year…
  • Beck | 2007 Japanese Tour Dates
    If anyone over in Japan goes to these shows and feels like leaving some crazy comments that none of us Americans can read without throwing the characters into some online translator, we’re all for that.
  • Online Concert Scene Going Web 2.0 | Small Changes, Big Effects?
    …I thought I’d take a look at two similar but smaller examples of the web 2.0-ization of the online concert realm: iConcertCal & JamBase/iCal
  • Heady Links | Digital Music Edition
  • RAQ | 2007 Tour Dates
    “I once described RAQ as Phish mixed with… Phish. I don’t think they liked it too much when I said it to them. But that was a few years ago and bands evolve so the may be mixed with something else now.”
  • The ‘Elephant in the Room’ | Concert Industry Ticket Talk
    I feel like the entire industry could be better about making it easier and more enticing for people to go to concerts on a more frequent basis. If it were easier to buy tickets and there were fewer obstacles, that’s just more money to be had right? Instead of trying to squeeze even more money out the big arena shows, why not help generate more “live music fans” like the folks who read this blog?
  • G. Love is Special
    If you chance, see G. Love and Special Sauce as he tours the country through February and March. You will not be disappointed and you will also say “G Love is special”.
  • Phish Friday | The Hiatus Ends…
    Unimpressed, except for the return of “Mound” of course. That was easily my favorite song off Rift for a very, very long time and the intro to that song still gives me chills. Or wait, except for the the hilarious tie-in to Castaway and Tom Hanks, too.
  • The Babes of Bonnaroo
    Among the impressive stars listed on the initial lineup for Bonnaroo 2007, you’ll find that there are a few female performers who stand out in the sea of song this year. What’s perhaps most interesting about these women is that they’re all quite different from one another, proving that there’s more than one way to be a female star in today’s music world.
  • Stagecoach Music Festival
    The slogan for the Stagecoach Music Festival is “California’s Country Music Festival” but before you turn off your ears to start telling me that the only genre of music you don’t listen to is country, take a minute to think about what it means to be country in the twenty-first century.

Hope everyone has a killer week and stay tuned for more from us today…