Weekly Roundup

‘Twas a fun-ass week on this ‘ol Live Music Blog so catch-up on our best posts from last week…

  • Summer Camp 2007 | Lineup Updates
    Les Claypool, Medeski Martin & Wood, The Wailers, Tea Leaf Green, New Monsoon, Oteil and the Peacemakers, Groovatron, Assembly of Dust, Family Groove Company, Cornmeal, U-Melt, Rev Peytons Big Damn Band, Chicago Afrobeat Project, 56 Hope Road, Public Property, & The Station
  • Live Nation Goes Web 2.0
    Those stats are exactly the reason all of this should matter to folks who read this site. All these business models and buy-outs will at some point affect your concert experiences for better or worse. While some might see this as another corporate attempt to commoditize the live music experience, I think it also represents the potential of some really cool developments as these changes move forward.

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  • SXSW 2007 on TV
    SXSW is teaming up with DirecTV and Blaze TV to broadcast special segments from the event starting March 15-17. They’re saying it’ll be live, which is awesome.
  • Backyard Tire Fire | 2007 Tour Dates
    Lately I’ve been seeing more and more buzz surrounding Backyard Tire Fire, a new addition to the live music scene in the past few years but quickly becoming recognizable nationwide. They’ve played festivals. They’ve toured like crazy. They stay close to home to keep their base strong.
  • Carbon Leaf Impressions
    So last night, when I went to go see Carbon Leaf, expecting just a normal show, I was star-struck by the incorporation of several flutes (along with various other folk music instruments) into the alterna-rock band’s live performance. And this wasn’t all that impressed me about the live performance of a band that I admit I hadn’t heard before last night.
  • Rumor: The Police to Play Fenway Park on 7/28-29
    The Police are planning a reunion tour and it looks like they may be coming to Boston this summer. Sting, drummer Stewart Copeland and guitarist Andy Summers will re-unite this Sunday at the Grammy Awards on CBS to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the band. A tour is expected to follow. WBZ has confirmed reports they are looking to hold two shows at Fenway Park, July 28 and July 29.
  • Keller Williams – “Play This”
  • The Slip Played Conan Last Night
    ….this version is pretty rough around the edges and pales in comparison to the studio version…
  • The Police to Play Wrigley Field July 5-6, 2007
    The Police are scheduling two dates (July 5-6, 2007) at Wrigley Field here in Chicago in the place of Dave Matthews Band, who was previously rumored to be reserving time at the stadium for the Fourth of July weekend…
  • Ozzfest 2007 | Free? Doubt it…
    Details have yet to fully emerge on this other than the fact that this festival will be free and you’ll be given some more info soon from Live Nation on how to obtain tickets. I’m sure a bunch of radio stations will do some wild promotion that’ll require you to bite the head off a bat, but even still — that’s definitely worth the free price of admission to all the newest and hottest hard metal bands.
  • Steve Jobs: DRM = Bad
    Steve Jobs has said what most music fans have been saying for a while: DRM — digital restrictions management — is bad and doesn’t work.
  • Clap Your Hands Say Yeah | 2007 Tour Dates
    Clap Your Hands Say Yeah has announced some new North American tourdates in April. They’re currently on tour in Europe in support of their latest studio effort, Some Loud Thunder. Although it took me a little while to get used to Alec Ounsworth’s warbling vocals, I‘ve been diggin’ most of the studio stuff I’ve heard from these guys, including the tracks they’re streaming from the new album (“Satan Said Dance” is a cool tune!).
  • 2007 Green Apple Music Festival | Early Band Confirmations
    Umphrey’s McGee, Brothers Past & Assembly of Dust are all confirmed for Chicago…
  • The Police to Announce Tour Dates | Mon., 2/12
  • Jen Murdza: New Voice With Old Soul
    Murdza’s music is a little bit of pop, a little bit of folk, a little bit of soul – all supported by strong lyrics which remind the listener that music is poetry.
  • SXSW 2007 | Lineup Announced
    What, you haven’t memorized the list yet?
  • Umphrey’s McGee | Spring 2007 Tour Dates
    It’s really no secret to anyone reading this blog that Umphrey’s McGee is one of my favorite bands. They continually rip s*** up from the West Coast to the Midwest to the East Coast to Jam Cruise to Wakarusa to Summer Camp, etc.; these guys have always been fantastic at carrying the road warrior title.
  • The Chicks Of Coachella
  • Cold War Kids | 2007 Tour Dates
    I might be calling out myself as a minority on this here blog, but I’m fairly new to the Cold War Kids but I’m really liking what I’ve heard from the band so far. I like what I’ve seen, too and I’ve determined that these guys are a band that I need to catch live before giving them the full Live Music Blog treatment…
  • Phish Friday | Island Tour Memories
    To the well-seasoned Head, this show is probably nothing new. But that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t get another listen or generate some further discussion. I’ve included the second set for your listening pleasure.
  • Wakarusa 2007 | Lineup Updates
    Les Claypool, Galactic, Seepeoples and more added…
  • LCD Soundsystem | 2007 Tour Dates
    Giving even more meaning to their tune “On Repeat,” LCD Soundsystem has basically been on repeat on my iPod for the last few weeks
  • Podcast #053 – New Slide Guitar ‘Masters’
    For my second podcast, I decided to go with a slide guitar theme, piecing together a few live tracks featuring some of my favorite players of fretless slide guitars like the lap steel, Weissenborn, and straight-up 6-string electric guitar. Enjoy!
  • (the return of) Heady Links
    Guitar Gods, Arcade Fire, and Bisco Roulette
  • ATP vs The Fans Gives Fans The Power
    Have you ever heard of a festival where you buy the tickets and then you get to help decide who you’re going to see perform there? Well, if not, then you must not know about ATP vs. The Fans which takes place this May in the UK.

Phew…that was a long week! Those new writers are really pulling their weight!

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