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The story of Sir Joe Russo…

Tea Leaf Green has finalized most of March, so go catch them in a small club while you can.

Finding His Path by Andy Tennille
Derek Trucks is joining Eric Clapton on his new album and European tour this spring.

Mystic Hot Springs is a camping resort in Utah that has hosted plenty of live shows over the years. The owner is actually videotaping all the shows and he’s going to start offering up downloadable (only streaming for right now) videos of the performances. Check it out.

Coachella 2006 Artist Additions
Now confirmed for the Saturday (4/19) festivities are Daft Punk (music) and Eagles of Death Metal. New to the Sunday (4/30) lineup are Massive Attack (music) and Ted Leo + Pharmacists.

Download some live M.Ward and some live Ryan Adams over at Aquarium Drunkard.