Couch Tour 2011 starts tonight. If you can’t make it to the Broken Social Scene show at Terminal 5 in NYC tonight, Bowery Presents will be offering a webcast of the show starting around 9pm ET over at their YouTube channel. As far as I can recall, this is a first for the Bowery folks offering a webcast. Hopefully we’ll see more like this (Trey Anastasio Band in February anyone?).

I caught a killer Broken Social Scene show this summer in Central Park. I was really impressed with their nearly three-hour rock extravaganza and how much they stretched the songs out from the album versions (they were almost…jammy).

Here’s their take on “Superconnected”

Broken Social Scene - Superconnected

Make sure to check out the guitar/sax solo duel around the 2:55 minute mark. Some good stuff.