We Laugh When Bands Throw Tantrums On Stage: Wavves at Primavera Sound Festival

Hey, I’ll admit that it’s usually not my style to laugh at people that may be going through a hard time. Life is hard, people. I mean, come on, especially if you’re touring Europe and asked to play a premier festival at 2am to a sea of adoring fans. It must have just been too much for indie band Wavves, as they had a bit of a breakdown at their set at the Primavera Sound Festival in Barcelona, Spain.

At 3:00 a.m. sharp, having dodged their share of bottles and even a shoe (neither Nathan nor Ryan was hit, although Nathan likely made impact with some unlucky attendee upon forcefully returning the latter object back to the crowd), the show mercifully came to a screeching halt: Ryan ran offstage, throwing his drumsticks at Nathan. Infuriated, Nathan screamed into the mic, “Come back here, motherf***er, we’re not done yet!” Immediately, stage crew appeared, breaking down Ryan’s kit. “Fuck!” Nathan shouted, “Stop doing that!” They didn’t, so Nathan decided the show must go on. Helplessly, he strummed his guitar again, clearly intent on playing another song. But as he stepped back to the mic, he realized it had been cut. As the crowd booed, the house lights came up, and a defeated Nathan Williams threw his hands up and left, along with the few remaining attendees.

Wavves Self-Destruct in Barcelona [Pitchfork]

Way to blow it, guys.