Wayne Coyne’s Stage Banter Difficulties


So coming off this weekend after the Flaming Lips played two sold-out dates at NYC’s Webster Hall, I was planning on featuring the band in my next podcast (still might).

The problem is, I’m not fully interested in working my butt off to filter out Wayne Coyne’s amazingly long-winded and non value-added stage banter that overshadows the music from their Langerado 2006 set.

The music is just great. They play some new stuff that I want to make sure the public hears extremely soon, especially if they don’t have At War With the Mystics. But, does this guy realize that he’s at a concert and there’s an audience there that is interested in hearing some music and not his incessant ranting? My god…it was like listening to a trainwreck.

I’ll probably still clean it up and put out at least something in this department, but again, I just thought I’d put that out there…

Photo © brooklynvegan.

Update: Being the open-minded person that I am, I knew I still needed to give the Flaming Lips their proper due. I was psyched to see the Flaming Lips / the Shins Austin City Limits episode from last season waiting for me on my TiVo, and would you believe that they actually give Wayne more lip service than he deserves? What a surprise!