wayne coyneCheck out the full transcript, upvotes, comments and all straight from ’s AMA session on here. The new album The Terror hits shelves and digital clouds on April 16. Check out a few highlights from the session below.

Captain_Lovely: What would you want you and/or the to be remembered for after you guys and all of the readers here today are dead?

therealwaynecoyne: i think like all artists and musicians, we want to know that we the comfortable and comforted the .

JdoubleU: The mood of the Terror suggests despair and hopelessness. Why release a dark album in the spring when the northern hemisphere is emerging from the dark?

therealwaynecoyne: i think it’s also a record about acceptance. when the world expects you to be all sunshine, you want to express feelings that are the opposite so that others can share what you’re feeling. You want what you’re going through to be expressed and shared. It’s even more useful when you’re not just happy that the suns coming out. You can be happy in the beginning of the day, sad in the middle, and happy in the end of the day.

mattpicasso: What’s the weirdest gift a fan has given you?

therealwaynecoyne: Some woman (she’s actually an insane person) sent me sent me a $3,000 lips shaped couch once. That was really weird.

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