Here’s the moment you’d have been waiting for if you were in Black Rock City in the Nevada desert this past weekend: The Man Burned! 🔥

The man burns | Burning man | Edm festival 2019

Burning Man is an annual celebration and always culminates into a huge fiery moment where the central pillar of the festival is taking down by fire in an awesome pagan ritual (of sorts), and of course this year’s was no exception. And thankfully no major reports have come out showing any serious medical issues and moments producing national headlines about how dangerous the festival is. It definitely isn’t safe, but looks like it kept under control.

Here’s a longer video showing the festivities kicking off.

Burning Man 2019 Man Burn

Here’s the video of the Man finally falling.

Burning Man 2019 – The Man Burns In Fiery Spectacle

The Temple always burns the following night, which you can watch below here.

Burning Man 2019 – Temple Burn