Watch President Obama Honor Paul McCartney with Gershwin Prize

Videos are starting to leak from the Paul McCartney honoring ceremony at the White House with Jack White, Seinfeld, The Jonas Brothers, and of course President Barack Obama all paying a bit of tribute to the man that has brought us so much music over the years. CoS has the clip of the artists (and Obama) singing “Hey Jude.” Amazing.

Paul McCartney said on Tuesday he was honored to be receiving one of the United States’ most important music awards, the Library of Congress’ Gershwin Prize for Popular Song.

To mark the occasion, a lineup of stars including Stevie Wonder, the Jonas Brothers, Herbie Hancock and Elvis Costello will pay tribute to the former Beatle in a concert at the White House on Wednesday presided over by President Barack Obama.

McCartney is the first non-American recipient of the award that has only been given twice before — to Paul Simon in 2007 and to Stevie Wonder in 2009.

Paul McCartney singt Michelle für die First Lady Michelle Obama im Weissen Haus White House [YouTube]