Phish played their third night of the Baker’s Dozen run last night (red velvet!) and played confidently through a varied first set. Kicking the show off with The Velvet Underground‘s “Sunday Morning” (with Fishman dressed as The Pope), the band brought out this massive “It’s Ice” to keep people moving towards the end of the first set.

Phish - 07/23/2017 - "It's Ice"

Definitely give this one a spin, very much 15 minutes in classic Phish-y heaven on this one. It’s amazing how well they’re nailing these old songs during the run. And with the no repeats theory looking pretty damn likely at this point, let’s see what else the band finds time to work in. These shows are going to be insane by the end of the run.

Tune in here on Tuesday 7/25 for Night Four (Jam Night!).