Ever since Phish fans saw this photo, we all knew there was a chance it could happen. And tonight, in the middle of their historic Baker’s Dozen run at Madison Square Garden, Phish just busted out their first official Radiohead cover with “Everything In Its Right Place” finding its way out of the “No Men in No Man’s Land” jam and in honor of their Night #11 Theme: LEMON 🍋

Fans were waiting for an nod that the band really dug the music of Radiohead more fully, because up until now we really only knew that the band at least appreciated them enough to keep them as one of the album potentials (and campsite themes) at Festival 8.

Well, okay maybe that’s not entirely true. After Phish’s first “breakup”, Trey Anastasio’s solo band 70 Volt Parade had played “Knives Out”. Page had already covered “Subterranean Homesick Alien”, and even Mike Gordon has taken on “15 Step” in his solo band so I guess the writing was on the wall. And everyone seemed to be onto the whole “Yesterday I woke up sucking a lemon” line, but it still felt like a pretty strong long shot. Who would take lead vocals? How would they handle some of the Radiohead-ish elements?

Here’s a full video of the cover by a fan and a streaming audio link via NYCTaper:

Phish - Everything In Its Right Place (Radiohead cover) - MSG Bakers Dozen - 8-4-17

Fishman took lead on the vocals and handled shaker and kick drum duties while Trey took an audio signal from Fishman’s mic and ran it through a
Kaoss Pad, very much how Thom Yorke and gang get some of those effects on their end.

Hats off to Phish for giving it a good effort, it’s not a particularly easy song to cover. Personally I thought it was incredible.

Check out their full setlist from Night #11 below…


SET I: See That My Grave Is Kept Clean, Punch You in the Eye, Party Time, Big Black Furry Creature from Mars, Dinner and a Movie, Ocelot, Poor Heart, Winterqueen, Bold as Love > First Tube
SET II: Dem Bones, No Men In No Man’s Land > Everything In Its Right Place#, What’s the Use?# -> Scents and Subtle Sounds > Prince Caspian > Fluffhead#
ENCORE: Frankenstein#

* – first time played, Blind Lemon Jefferson song that Bob Dylan used to play
# – first time played, Radiohead cover. The vocal teases were re-introduced multiple times throughout the second set jams