is helping to celebrate the 25 year anniversary of the album, Ill Communication, with the release today of a mini-documentary called Still Ill: 25 Years of ‘Ill Communication’ by the . Scroll down to check it out…

Fan favorite tracks like “Sure Shot,” “Root Down,” “Get It Together,” and even “Sabotage” made their appearances on this album and it’s very worthy of a review.

Surviving members Adam “Adrock” Horovitz and Michael “Mike D” Diamond sat down and reflected on the making of the album with ’s Nathan Brackett.

The documentary also features archival footage and commentary from musical collaborators Mario Caldato and “Money” Mark Nishita.

For more on the anniversary visit ’s dedicated Page HERE.

‘Still Ill: 25 Years of the ’ Ill Communication’ features Michael “Mike D” Diamond and Adam “Ad-Rock” Horovitz diving deep into the making of the band’s epic 1994 album – and, arguably, one of their high points as artists and generational touchstones. The 15-minute documentary tracks the ’ rejuvenation in the years after the release of 1989’s Paul’s Boutique – now considered a masterpiece but at the time a commercial flop – first with 1992’s Check Your Head and ultimately with Ill Communication, which produced the epic single and music video “Sabotage” and returned them to playing arenas.

Along with the video you can watch below, there is also audio documentary of the same name, exclusive to , “a 40+ minute deep dive featuring longer interviews with Horovitz and Diamond as well as six full songs from Ill Communication.”

Still Ill: 25 Years of ‘Ill Communication’ by the |

The extended audio documentary is available to hear on for any Prime member, or any subscriber to Unlimited. Just ask Alexa to “play Still Ill” on today.