Watch Kraftwerk Jam on “Spacelab” With Actual Astronaut in a Space Lab

"The ISS is a Man Machine"

© Kraftwerk/ESA/JazzOpen - Sitara Schmitz

Kraftwerk just shared this amazing video of their performance last night (July 20, 2018) at around 10pm local time when they beamed in ESA astronaut Alexander Gerst to their show the Jazz Open Festival on Stuttgart’s Schlossplatz in front of 7500 visitors (and he was live from the International Space Station, mind you! An actual space lab!)

The band did a modified version of “Spacelab”, stripped down, emotional, soaring… it was beautiful.

Alexander had a tablet with him and had an app up that allowed him to play some virtual synthesizers, all broadcast live to the audience.

Good evening, Kraftwerk / Guten Abend Kraftwerk, guten Abend Stuttgart!

What a performance. I got chills!