WATCH John Mayer Serenade Andy Cohen With Diana Ross Cover, Plus They’re Totally BFF’s

John Mayer posted some pics on his Instagram this weekend with fellow fan Andy Cohen. He was celebrating Andy’s 50th Birthday and was rushing to meet him! LIKE O M G SAAAAA CUTE.

John Mayer wishes Andy Cohen a Happy Birthday!

The above pic was posted with the caption, “Happy 50th Birthday @bravoandy! It’s been about 30 minutes since I started writing this caption. Congratulations, I have no words. You’ve done it. Can’t find em right now. They’re all scattered in a flurry of love and memories OH HERE THEY COME – in conclusion, I love you, and you are such a special person that I’m sure you are known throughout the universe. See you tonight 🎈 ♥️”. That is a special one.

Looks like he made it to the party on time! 👬

While John was having a blast on What Happens Live, Andy was the one really loving life as John Mayer delivered a great Diana Ross cover “It’s My House” which just floors him. Watch it below.

John Mayer Surprises Andy Cohen With A Diana Ross Cover | WWHL

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