John Mayer posted some pics on his Instagram this weekend with fellow fan Andy Cohen. He was celebrating Andy’s 50th Birthday and was rushing to meet him! LIKE O M G SAAAAA CUTE.

John Mayer wishes Andy Cohen a Happy Birthday!

The above pic was posted with the caption, “Happy 50th Birthday @bravoandy! It’s been about 30 minutes since I started writing this caption. Congratulations, I have no words. You’ve done it. Can’t find em right now. They’re all scattered in a flurry of love and memories OH HERE THEY COME – in conclusion, I love you, and you are such a special person that I’m sure you are known throughout the universe. See you tonight 🎈 ♥️”. That is a special one.

Looks like he made it to the party on time! 👬

While John was having a blast on What Happens Live, Andy was the one really loving life as John Mayer delivered a great Diana Ross cover “It’s My House” which just floors him. Watch it below.

John Mayer Surprises Andy Cohen With A Diana Ross Cover | WWHL

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