WATCH: Jimmy Fallon Kicks Off The First-Ever Coast to Coast Live SNL with “Let’s Dance”

Now that is how you kick off an episode of SNL!

Jimmy Fallon was the host of tonight’s Saturday Night Live and got things going right away, calling attention to the fact that because this was the first time SNL had broadcast live coast to coast, it was bigger than just a show. It was a party.

Right then he called out his good pal Nile Rodgers to help him with the David Bowie classic, “Let’s Dance”, which Nile had a hand in. Cue epic cast + Jimmy + Harry Styles dance party to start the show.

Bravo to Fallon on that one, he’s got a good sense of showmanship and knows how to bring his A-game when he’s back on the Studio 8H stomping grounds.

In other SNL news, they just announced that LCD Soundsystem will be the musical guest on the May 6, 2017 episode with host Chris Pine.