On this week’s new archival pro-shot video release on their All The Years series, put up their “Truckin'” from the October 30th show as part of their eight-night run at during 1980. They’ve also released the “Heaven Help the Fool” from the same show and both are part of the Dead Ahead release.

“From the penultimate show of the run in 1980, Truckin’ was also a great song to launch the second set jam. During this period, Truckin’ was generally slotted in one of two places: before /Space sequence, sending into an uninterrupted hour-long segued sequence of , or coming out of Space. Toward the end of the 1980s, it was used almost exclusively in the former slot, but the latter placement of Truckin’ always began a wonderful, uninterrupted, and long sequence of Dead magic.” –

Watch it below.

- Truckin' (, NY 10/30/80) (Official Live Video)

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