I’m excited to see that the I’m set to leave for in about twelve hours will be fully documented by JamCam Chronicles. I should try and get some Live Music Blog warez to try and put up the in the background of the video cameras. I would forever engrain the Live Music Blog name deep into your mind. Deep. Unforgettable, subconscious, sort-of deep. Believe it…

From Jambands.com

The Jammy-nominated JamCam Chronicles will celebrate its first anniversary this weekend at Chillicothe, IL’s , the subject of its original . JamCam will film , , , and a host of other performers for its second season. “We thought it only appropriate, as the ’04 had been literally cut short due to last year’s severe weather situation, that we come back for a Summer Camp encore, and give one of the best fests in the country the full-fledge JamCam treatment it really deserves,” says director Tom Ledermann. Festivals goers hoping to “host” the episode are also encouraged to stop by JamCam’s onsite booth.

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