Donald Glover was both the host and musical guest on last night’s Saturday Night Live via his Childish Gambino soul funk project. He took the opportunity to debut a new tune called “Saturday”.

Check it out below…

Childish Gambino: Saturday (Live) - SNL

Also don’t miss his absolute destruction of the stage that was his performance of “This is America”. This guy is absolutely insane.

Childish Gambino: This Is America (Live) - SNL

He also played in a few skits that were definitely leaning musically. First was a ridiculous parody of an 80’s Music Video featuring Glover as one Raz P. Berry, and it’s unforgettable.

80's Music Video - SNL

Then you need to get a run through the hottest new club jam “Friendos” (featuring A$AP Rocky)…

Friendos (featuring A$AP Rocky) - SNL