When I hear the word “COYOTES”, Coach Bud Kilmer’s West Kanaan Chi-Yotes pronunciation from the ’99 classic Varsity Blues is the inescapable way it sounds in my brain. Therefore, I’ll forever hear this band’s name skewed-a-little-sideways with a slight Texas twang accompanied by nostalgia of Billy Bob, his pig Bacon, sex ed. teacher-turned-stripper-who-looks-kinda-like-Sarah-Palin Ms. Davis, and that disgraced old Coach Kilmer’s evil cock-eyed look of disapproval all simultaneously burrowing deep into my soul (and yes, coyotes are burrowing animals and this band of COYOTES’ music, after a run through their EP will do some soul-burrowing of its own).

Now that I’ve gotten that totally unnecessary and deeply personal anecdote out of the way, continue below for a starter kit and a little background for one of the relative newcomers on the New Orleans music scene: COYOTES. Check out their EP Cosmic in the Badlands and if you dig, you can kick ‘em $4 for letting you keep this nice little slice of ‘devotional slam folk’. Then you can like them on Facebook, track them on Twitter and go see them at the end of the summer at Carrollton Station, sounds good? Cool.

Tour Dates: Kicks off August 16th at Alabama Music Box w/ Underhill Family Orchestra ends in New Orleans at Carollton Station on August 25th

Gritty live performances, whiskey-fueled anthems, and an eclectic composition of band members over the past two years frames what started as a Los Angeles-based brain child, and has grown into a New Orleans bred roller coaster. COYOTES’ live performances are constantly evolving, shaped by an revolving door of musicians, with a two piece mainstay grounding the band’s sound. The band’s debut release Cosmic in the Badlands mixes heartfelt ballads, genuine lyrics, and an array of influences to complete a finished product indicative of COYOTES’ sound.


Bird On A Wire

What do we think about COYOTES? We’ll just let Billy Bob speak for us