Today, Daft Punk released the next episode in their PR-blitz for the release of their fourth album, Random Access Memories. The latest is with pianist Chilly Gonzales, who rarely shares his time, but was more than welcoming to the robots even comparing them to great film directors — knowing exactly who and how to get the best out of people. For my money, this was the most interesting episode (so far) since it discusses the albums’ harmonies and the bridge in the first three tracks with the last few, especially “Within”, which Gonzales plays piano on. According to the french-duo, “Within” was one of the first recorded tracks for the new album.

“The fact that they were asking for this musical bridge to happen just shows that they have absorbed a lot of what classical composers were obsessed with from 1700 through the early 20th century.” – Gonzales on Daft Punk

Check out the video, including Gonzales playing small portions from a few of the new songs.

Daft Punk | Random Access Memories | The Collaborators: Chilly Gonzales

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