WATCH: Bob Dylan stars in a Chrysler Super Bowl Ad

Didn't see this one coming...

I was surprised to see Bob Dylan in a commercial for Chrysler about all things AHMERICA, but I’m not sure it should be that surprising.

From Variety’s Senior TV Editor, Brian Steinberg:

By appearing in a longer-than-usual commercial for Fiat Chrysler Automobiles during the Super Bowl Sunday night – and allowing the use of his wordy 1966 single “I Want You” in a separate spot for Chobani yogurt – has cemented an idea that few would have ascribed to him when he first came to prominence in the 1960s: He’s for sale. [Variety]

Forbes was a bit more kind to Dylan in their writeup but definitely give a good rundown of what went down.

We don’t see Dylan’s face until 47 seconds into the spot, and it takes a full minute to see even a glimpse of the new Chrysler 200. The visuals consist of a better-than-average montage of Ameri-cool images, but the spot does end strong: “Let Germany brew your beer/Let Switzerland build your watch/Let Asia assemble your phone/We will build your car.” [Forbes]