photo by Rich Anderson

As spring progresses, we begin to stray from to hear more about their performance schedules. thus move away from questions of “which and where” to “which bands and when?” There’s always at least one really tough decision to be made.

We just got the schedule from 10KLF and the 2007 Wakarusa Music Festival has announced its . As always, the festive folks over at Jambase have created their nifty scheduling grid, complete features for customization.

Is it me, or has this festival grown too massive? I knew was getting bigger, but the four nights of bands and their lack of curfew (except for Sunday), there is simply a ton of to take in at this festival. I feel like they’re really pushing for a never-ending stream of tunes, begging the question: “is there a point at which there is just too much to check out?”

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