Wakarusa 2007 | Artist Additions, Round II

wakarusa.jpeg Wakarusa 2007 has made some new artist additions to its already expansive line-up for this summer. The latest round includes the following:

John Butler Trio
Citizen Cope
Sam Bush
The Avett Brothers
Deep Fried Pickle Project
Green Lemon
That 1 Guy
Jesus Christ Superstar

Citizen Cope and John Butler Trio add some solid singer/songwriter cred, plus Sam Bush is a pretty classic bluegrass addition (or ‘newgrass’ for some). The rest of these bands I’ve either never heard of or heard only scant mentions (supposedly, Green Lemon’s not bad).

So are the big-name announcements complete? Are they just filling in the holes or will we get a few more solid bands added to the line-up?