The have teamed up Vinyl Me, for a new anthology vinyl collection called The Story of the . Featuring eight of ’s previous releases and bundled together as a 14-disc set, this is a must-have for any serious collectors that don’t already have these somewhere else.

The Story of the Grateful Dead features four classic studio LPs and four essential albums on colored, 180-gram vinyl, and comes packaged in a custom Jeremy Dean-designed box complete liner notes penned by contemporary musical figures on the 8 albums in the set and the impact on their lives and musical approaches. As past anthologies, the experience is paired with an exclusive fan community and a series to invite listeners on an in-depth musical .

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VMP Anthology: The Story of the Grateful Dead

Album List: 

  1. Workingman’s Dead (1970) 
  2. American Beauty (1970)
  3. / Dead ( West 1969)
  4. ‘72 Vol. 1 (1972)
  5. Wake of the Flood (1973)
  6. Terrapin Station (1977)
  7. Reckoning (1981)
  8. Without a Net (1989-90)

VMP Anthology is a reinvented, immersive box set experience for willing to beyond the liner notes. Each Anthology features expert storytelling, exclusive inserts, and a collectors- vinyl box set. The Story of the Grateful Dead is the sixth VMP Anthology release. Prior to The Story of the Grateful Dead, Vinyl Me, released six other VMP Anthologies, including: The Story of Records, The of Motown, The Story of Ghostly International, The Story of Stax Records, and The Story of Zamrock.

The collection connects ’s history, subculture and lore to modern relevance and mainstream culture with a star-studded, photo-filled liner notes booklet featuring essays from of , of , Longstreth of , , MC Taylor of , of , John Darnielle of , Jenny Conlee of , and Hunter Brown of .

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