It was a hell-boiling hot day on Dumaine street when the heady captains of Jam in the Van rolled into the Mid-City cradle of one of ’ most beloved musicians, . And as if a solo performance wouldn’t have been righteous enough, Anders’ trusted companion, guitarist , joined in on the sweet and sweaty acoustic jam session.

Enter the transcontinental abode-on-wheels of our pals from Jam in the Van on this so very warm Sunday afternoon, and what you find is an ex-pat Swede and his finger-picking friend closing their eyes and trying to picture the Rocky Mountains in . Anders even admitted it was hotter than his set in 2012, which, if you were there, you may try to only imagine sweat that began to drip inside of this psychedelic R.V. as Osborne sang a couple new tunes off Black Eye Galaxy and an older track shouting out to summer. But that didn’t stop the from spilling and the laughs from cackling, as the dedicated engineers of documented Anders and Iuso as they let the notes trickle out from beneath their moistened finger tips. Results? Check out the appropriately rendered ‘Summertime in ’, ‘Tracking My Roots,’ plus the heartfelt, stripped down performance of ‘Mind of a Junkie’ right here. Killer production and sound on these gems: