Reports are flooding in from all over the Internets like Lake Pontchartrain waters (too soon?), and there’s an overwhleming consensus here: Despite the ridiculous amount of money most people appear to have spent on this weekend, was a smashing success.

I received a three-word text message shortly after midnight on the East Coast last night that read “Trey with Panic.” At first I thought that should sufficiently piss off most of the South. But then I said to myself, “Man, this type of crossover must have been happening all weekend long…this musta been one helluva sick festival.” And it’s looking like that suspicion is dead-on-balls accurate.

Reports from the Sin City frontline are coming in very slowly, but if you missed any of Justin’s live blogging and constant posting this weekend, here’s a chance to catch up on what you missed from the festival of the year in Vegas:

Vegoose Downloads and Torrents –This will be updated periodicially as new Torrents are uploaded…
Early Vegoose Photos
Live Bloggin’ the Vegoose Webcast — Day 2
Live Bloggin’ the Vegoose Webcast
Vegoose for Us That Didn’t Go #2
Vegoose for Us That Didn’t Go
New Vegoose Late Night Announced
Vegoose Begins!

Here’s Relix’s take on the event. We’ll have more as news comes in…thanks for the updates, J.

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