It’s early Sunday morning and it’s looking as though the reports coming through are still few and far between. I guess I don’t know what I should be expecting–something crazier, I guess. This article highlights the crowd (not the music) as the real topic of interest; they dress up AND they smoke pot! I’m sure there’ll be more to digest tomorrow morning as everyone and their brother will run a featurette.

Relix has the best coverage so far with a great synopsis of how the weekend has gone so far. Everyone’s tired, nobody’s sleeping, the music is fantastic, and it sounds as if this festival is something that will be repeated in the years to come. That is very good news and it’s going to be something to look forward to every year.

Now, on to the good stuff, Oysterhead might put out a sophomore effort? This is , as I just read a Trey interview where he specifically states that he’s been shying away from side projects to focus on 70 Volt Parade. Maybe he meant new side projects, such as the Boston Pops, so this is awesome for me. I loved –I need more . Now.

Not that Trey actually shyed away from the side projects while he was in Vegas, as he sat in with the and Friends performance last night. I was watching the webcast when Dave said his “high” statement, and I thought that was lame. Naw, I mean, it was fine and all. I’m just super unimpressed with and his usual fare lately, so it’s not much to report that his set with Trey was filled with numerous mentions to get the crowd rowdy.

The description of ’ weekend so far made me laugh, actually. Did he play his guitar at the press conference? It might read like that, so I’d just be curious if that actually happened. Or, was he just talkative and saying stuff like, “Well, I’d love to sit in with on Loser…” [Relix]

At any rate, thank for keeping us updated.

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