Vampire Weekend’s Chris Tomson Reviews Phish ‘Fuego’ for TheTalkhouse

Vampire Weekend‘s drummer, Chris Tomson, has gotten some attention in the past for seemingly being the only indie rocker that happily admits to liking Phish, and today he reviewed the band’s new album Fuego for TheTalkhouse.

With all that, here comes Fuego, Phish’s 12th studio album in 25 years. It finds both their strengths and weaknesses still thriving all these years on, the very things that have kept them appealingly idiosyncratic and made them increasingly anachronistic. If you are wary of too many guitar solos, you’re getting hit with a ten-minute punch to the dome straight out the gate; if you are excited for a lot of guitar solos, you’re blissfully rolling along with a ten-minute opening jam that switches tempos and grooves on a dime.

Pretty much every blog picked up on this, mostly because it’s well, ironic that someone in an indie rock band would like Phish, right?!