UUUGHHHHH NOOOOOO: Frank Ocean Cancels FYF Fest Set, Replaced by Kanye West

For reasons undisclosed and absolutely unacceptable, Frank Ocean has just announced that he is cancelling his appearance at this weekend’s FYF Festival in downtown LA. Frank Ocean is the rarest of the rare. It’s been ages since we’ve heard new music, much less seen him live on stage – this was to be the pinnacle of the festival for us over at LIVE HQ.

With only the cryptic message of “Frank Ocean has decided on his own terms to cancel his appearance”, fans are left with no explanation – just a strange cocktail of disappointment and heartbreak and yeahhhh I guess a little muted excitement because Kanye West is taking his slot. It’s no consolation while the wounds are still fresh, but our luck could be worse, I guess. Mr. West is indisputably one of the greats and he has a really good track record of not-being-a-s***head-onstage as of late. But FYF, you’ve lost that lovin’ feelin with this move. The spirit is gone and we are deflated.

What happened, Frank? If your album isn’t ready, it’s totally fine. Just play channel ORANGE and “Novacane” over and over. Is there something else wrong? Do you need to talk?! CAN SOMEBODY PLEASE DO A WELFARE CHECK ON FRANK OCEAN?!!! He would never do this…

When the physical shock eventually wears off, I’m sure we’ll all gather ourselves together and have a massively fun time at Kanye’s set blah blah Jesus Walks blah blah Ain’t Nobody F***ing Wit My Clique etc etc…but we’re just not ready yet. It still doesn’t feel real. The loss is profound.

Thoughts and prayers requested during this difficult time.

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