Billboard reported earlier today that will be headlining the new UR1 Fest in Miami’s Bayfront Park the weekend of December 8-9 later this year, which will also feature , , , , , , , and . It has since been confirmed by the festival promoters themselves

Here’s a teaser video:

Back when the video was put out they released this snippet of promo to get everyone amped up for their approach. Sounds interesting for sure, and with Kanye and being amazing visual artists in their own right, we definitely see a chance for some awesome cross pollinations at the festival.

What makes UR1 different?

“It is time the bar was raised. We are not putting up a stage for fans to stare at, UR1 will be a 4D experience. We have some of the most creative musicians and artists in the world participating and have given them carte blanche so come up with their “dream” performance,” says Alex Omes; co-founder Ultra Music Festival.

UR1’s unique capacity to create one of a kind visual atmospheres in its design combined with stellar sound will be unparalleled. It is this integration of notable members of the international art community UR1 that will bring another layer of interaction between the event and the attendee as well cross-pollinating music, art, performance and design for a bespoke once in a lifetime experience.