Updates from the Wilco Live Camp


Photo © pneyu

Following last week’s uber successful five-night residency here in Chicago, Wilco is set to make a few appearances live this week that all of us at home can take advantage of. On Wednesday, they’re playing the 9:30 Club in Washington, D.C. and NPR is webcasting the entire show. These recordings always come out great, and I’ve been subscribed to the podcast for a while and regularly listen to the old shows that are still posted for the taking.

After that, the band is going to New York this weekend to be the musical guest on Saturday Night Live, with Ellen Page, star of Juno, as the host. That’ll be one to pay attention to. I’d really like to see if they could work Jeff Tweedy into a regular SNL skit.

If either one of those news items doesn’t float your boat, you can always just download all the torrents from the residency. All five nights are readily available on bt.etree.org, and you can download an mp3 version of Night #5 here. They managed to play my favorite b-side that night and even worked in the part where Tweedy tries to get the crowd out of their seats…

I heard great things about the shows and can expect that they’ll do something like this again, be it another city or right back here in Chicago sometime next winter. In the meantime, I’m hoping we have plenty more shows to choose from during 2008. Anyone see the residency shows or catching one of the upcoming dates they have booked? Is any currently touring guitarist better than Nels Cline? Could Tweedy carry his weight during an SNL skit? Drop some comments and let us know what’s up.