update from phish.com – don’t come to coventry

well, it appears that my initial pessimism has paid off for the time being. faced with the enormous task of trying to fit 70,000 fans into muddy, flooded farmland in northern vermont, phish has announced this morning that they will be turning people around if they are not already there. this is hugely unfortunate, as i imagine that the people that have not already arrived are the fans that are coming from the remote corners of the country. can you imagine driving hours upon hours for the last hurrah of your favorite band, and when you get there (or relatively close), they tell you that they don’t want you there (for the safety of the people already there). needless to say, i’m glad i’m not one of those fans and i am no longer jealous that i’m not going (read more). i’m truly sorry and feel bad for all those fans that will not get to share in this event.

i have to say that phish might need to do something to make it up to us. but oh wait, they can’t. they’ve already said that this is it. seriously, this has got to be a huge disappointment. what’s more, trey anastasio told all of the fans not to arrive until today. therefore, some fans might actually be turned around because trey told them not to come until now (announcement : jambase.com)

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