Ah baseball, the one true professional sport that I actually “get into.” Football, eh? Basketball, whatever. Hockey, this is actually a sport?

And I should be clear–“get into” doesn’t mean anything close to “OMFG my fantasy baseball team, blah blah blah…”–I like watching and being a fair-weather fan to the Cubs. That’s about it. But my ears definitely perk up when I see news like this…

This Sunday during the Crosstown Classic game at The Cell, Umphrey’s McGee will lead off the game by singing the National Anthem, and although they won’t get to shout “Let’s get some runs!” we have to admit that this is amazingly awesome. I mean, talk about an honor. I can’t even get tickets to the Crosstown Classics as they tend to sell out in, oh, let’s stay, about three minutes into the first day of ticket sales.

Way to go, Umphrey’s! You’ve officially conquered Chicago. You can officially change the lyrics on “In the Kitchen” to “it was cold in the kitchen and the light turned low as winter wrapped around the world!”

Photo © Peace Lvr