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259629_4673.jpgWell, it appears I’m starting to fall behind on the blog/technology curve by not having a podcast set up yet. Umphrey’s McGee has begun releasing their own podcasts. I’m not sure if they’re set up to syndicate and have iPodder download these, but they’re posted on the music section of their website. Also, it looks like they’re not hosting their first podcast correctly, because I’m not getting a solid download. Is anyone else getting to find the podcast file that they originally uploaded? Anyone have this that they want to provide and I’ll host it?

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Here are the details from

Podcast #1 (04.05.05) – Best of 2004
128kbps (VBR) (69.4 MB)
(right click to download) [Update: This link works now. Try it. Do it.] [Note: Working on getting this download link fixed]

00:00 – In the Kitchen (02.05.04 – Cervante’s, Denver, Colorado)
10:36 – Nemo (10.21.04 – Key Club, Los Angeles, California)
15:08 – The Triple Wide >
27:14 – 2nd Self (12.11.04 – 9:30 Club, Washington, DC)
32:41 – The Pequod >
34:24 – Ahab >
36:11 – The Pequod (08.07.04 – Skyline Stage, Chicago, Illinois)
36:57 – Blue Echo >
46:19 – Bridgeless (04.02.04 – Egyptian Room, Indianapolis, Indiana)
56:21 – Women Wine and Song (with horns) (12.31.04 – The Riviera, Chicago, Illinois)
60:02 – Wife Soup (with Joshua Redman) (02.21.04 – Funk Box, Baltimore, Maryland)
Total Broadcast Length 75:15

This selection is a version of the Best of 2004 Compilation that was put together for use as a promotional CD to be passed out to record stores and bars. It is a good peek into what the band is all about, and contains some stand-out moments from 2004.

Podcast #2 (04.15.05) – February 2005
128kbps (VBR) (73.2 MB)
(right click to download)

00:00 – Believe the Lie (02.25.05 – Fox Theatre, Boulder, Colorado)
07:21 – Tribute to the Spinal Shaft >
14:37 – “Jimmy Stewart” >
25:40 – Hajimemas***e >
30:41 – White Man’s Moccasins (02.18.05 – Barrymore Theatre, Madison, Wisconsin)
37:22 – Ocean Billy (02.26.05 – Fox Theatre, Boulder, Colorado)
48:26 – Nothing Too Fancy >
70:07 – Sociable Jimmy (02.16.05 – IMU Ballroom, Iowa City, Iowa)
Total Broadcast Length 78:57

The touring year opened with the band feeling relaxed and eager to stretch the boundaries. Believe the Lie is one of the newest additions to the UM repertoire, is and an example of the band’s use of “Jimmy Stewarts” to write new songs. The chorus initially appeared as an improvisation during Der Bluten Kat from 02.11.04. Debuting on 02.16.05, it has quickly become a crowd pleaser. Also featured, the improvisation in the “Jimmy Stewart” (02.18.05) as well as the second half of Nothing Too Fancy (02.16.05) show the band’s ability to create wave upon wave of momentum to drive the crowd into a veritable frenzy.

These sound hot! Good quality mixes put to mp3, ready to be loaded on my iPod = One Happy Blogger!