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I haven’t really been checking up Umphrey’s McGee since my two-night affair with them and Keller this past New Year’s Eve, so I’m psyched to see some news regarding their upcoming album, tentatively titled Safety in Numbers (from Passing?). The album is due out April 4, although I don’t see that confirmed anywhere else yet (not even from Madison House). Credit with the scoop…

In the same blurb, they mention that ’s drummer, Glenn Kotche, will be opening up a few nights on Umphrey’s McGee’s current tour. Awesome.

Musically, from what I’ve heard so far and the limited knowledge I do have on these guys, Kotche is amazing and he’s got a great style of drumming that I really enjoy (as a fan and as a drummer). This opener is not to be missed…

Written by Justin Ward

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  1. Glenn Kotche changed the way I think about drumming. Check out “I am Trying to Break Your Heart” from Yankee Hotel Foxtrot — different atmospheric drum part for each verse. (See here for my full rant.)

    His solo stuff is rather abstract, but also very pretty in its own way. Very curious to see how Umph fans react.

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