Umphrey’s McGee is playing in New York City tonight at the Nokia Theater, one of the cities’ best new venues by all accounts. I’m sure there will be plenty of jams to kick out, and if you went, we’d love for you to submit a review.

The track list for Safety in Numbers has been cracked and released. In all of it’s glory, the album has also been cracked and is readily available at your neighborhood torrent site. In reference to the Napster shutdown debacle, Metallica could not save the Umphrey’s McGees of the world. Sample one of the weirder (but wholly enjoyable) tracks on the album here, and SUPPORT THE ARTIST BY PURCHASING THIS ALBUM. Word.

Umphrey’s McGee
Safety in Numbers

  1. Believe the Lie
  2. Rocker
  3. Liquid (mp3 removed per SCI Fidelity)
  4. Words
  5. Nemo
  6. Women, Wine, and Song
  7. Intentions Clear
  8. End of the Road
  9. Passing
  10. Ocean Billy
  11. The Weight Around

Also, there’s an interesting nugget on the message board about hidden “Pay the Snucka” videos in both of their live DVD’s that they’ve released. Note to self: Put on Dark Side of the Moon and try and find the “Pay the Snucka” easter eggs.

On Live From The Lake Coast, go to the sound menu, highlight the binoural mix and click right on your remote.

On Wrapped Around Chicago, go to audio setup on disc 2, put cursor on 5.1, then press up, up, left, enter.

“Whoa dude, they totally go together!”

Have a good weekend, duders!