Umphrey’s McGee Makes-A-Wish

Umphrey’s McGee recently got to fulfill a long-time wish that a very ill music fan and drummer had, which was to spend the day with the band and jam with them. I thought it was a pretty touching story and glad that the band shared it. You can tell they’re a bit humbled by it given the way it’s written up at the UM blog, The Floor:

But today we were fortunate enough to be part of an experience that truly makes you stop and smell the proverbial roses. I guess its easy to overlook that we have had a lot of our wishes come true. Many we have worked hard for. Some due to just plain luck. As hard as the gig to gig struggle may be, ultimately, we are living our dreams. I don’t think any of us really think about something as catastrophic as a terminal disease tearing our dreams apart. It’s really never something you ponder when you walk to your position as the lights go down and the crowd starts screaming. How could sickness ever befall such a hard working group of individuals? The bottom line, however, is that it could happen to any one of us at any time. It serves as a sobering reminder of just how blessed we all are. Today we got to shed some of our light to a young man who was faced with this challenge, and in doing so, showed us that we should never take any of this for granted.