In an brief message just shared across their channels, Umphrey’s McGee has announced that long-time lighting designer, Jefferson Waful, will be hanging up his switches and knobs at the end of the year.

For over ten years Umphrey’s McGee has been incredibly fortunate to have Jefferson Waful as our lighting designer. His inventive style, improvisational acumen, and keen eye for detail has added a valuable dimension to the UM live experience, both for band and fans alike. With our sense of gratitude for all that he has contributed, Jefferson will be retiring from touring at the end of 2019. He will forever be part of the Umphrey’s family.

Fret not as the band will have all year to work on people willing to step up into the tall shoes that Waful filled, as Umphrey’s McGee has one of the best light shows in the business, hands down.

Join us in thanking Jefferson for all that he has added to the UM experience, and we wish him nothing but success on the next chapter of his distinguished career. – Andy, Brendan, Jake, Joel, Kris, & Ryan

Cheers, Waful! You’ve been a treat to watch from the crowd.