I just got an email of the variety that I like to read–Umphrey’s McGee news.

From the Madison House Publicity mailing list…

This February, Umphrey’s will spend time in the studio recording their 5th studio album. Like Anchor Drops, the album will be produced by the band’s long-time “sound-caresser” Kevin Browning, who exclusively handles Umphrey’s sound at live shows and for all released recordings. Pre-production for the album will happen at the home studio of friend and engineer Manny Sanchez (dubbed The Vault at IV Lab, the space is located near in Chicago’s Little Mexico). Engineer Mark Berlin will also be lending his assistance. After two weeks of writing, arranging and scratch-recording, the band will head to Studios (www.gravitystudios.com) for 8 days of lockdown to powerhouse through the recording process. Umphrey’s in the studio is not your typical recording affair – Anchor Drops is proof of that. Browning’s intimate knowledge of the musicians and their playing styles guarantee authenticity, and the band’s commitment to having fun promise to keep listeners guessing what will result. Look for their new release to hit early 2006.

In the same email, they also mention that they expect to release their New Year’s Eve show as a this early summer. I can’t wait!

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