tyler the creator london 2019 gig

A surprise Tyler the Creator concert in London last week was cancelled at the last minute due to overcrowding. The concert was meant to promote the new album IGOR which was released on Friday, May 17. Prior to the concert, Tyler was promoting the event with vague tweets that had him dancing in London with the caption “LONDON, IGOR, 3PM.”

He later confirmed the event was to take place at the Bussey Building at 3 p.m.

Turnout for the event was massive and the venue called the show off just 10 minutes before it was meant to begin.

Tyler later released a video to Instagram telling fans, “I was gonna do something special but you guys got too rowdy.” Police did arrive on scene to disperse the crowd but there were no incidents of violence or rowdy behavior.

Tyler had assured fans that he will return to London at some point, and dates were re-booked pretty quickly.

The concert would’ve been a particularly historic occasion given that Tyler had been banned from visiting the UK in 2015 due to lyrics he had written in 2009. Good to see he’s going to get another chance at it.

Though London may not be able to hear Tyler live just yet, they can still listen to his new album which has been receiving overwhelmingly positive reviews and features an all-star cast of featuring artists including Frank Ocean and Kanye West.