Ty Segall's "Sleeper" will drop August 20th on Drag City
’s “Sleeper” drops August 20th on Drag City

Get your cassette player ready — will release his sixth solo album titled Sleeper August 20th on Drag City via vinyl, CD, MP3 and cassette. The announcement video for Sleeper features a curious montage of Segall sleeping in various places wearing a t-shirt with the words “couch potato” on the front. Sleeper’s album title strikes with a bit of irony after Segall released three exciting full length albums last year leaving many to wonder if the dude actually slept. So far, 2013 has been relatively quiet for the much-adored San Francisco garage rocker with only a couple EP releases. But one thing we can expect for certain is that “Sleeper” will not make you sleepy. Segall will appear at the 2013 FYF Festival – get the full story here. 

"Sleeper" Commercial