Two New Categories

Two new categories are going live today on the site…

WankFest: whenever a band, show, MP3, etc. is uber fantastic and it’s something we’re very excited about, it’ll get tagged “WankFest”

RantFest: whenever a band, show, MP3, etc. sucks really bad and we just can’t help but write about how bad we think it sucks without worrying about backlash, being overly critical or being objective at all, it’ll get tagged “RantFest”

Why the new categories, brosef?

Because I’m sick and tired of feeling like I can’t be myself on this blog sometimes for fear of people stopping by and telling me that I’m wrong. I get hung-up on that bulls***. I don’t want you to criticize my pants.

Guess what?

Who the hell cares. I have my opinions, you have yours, and hopefully this site will help you form your own musical interests and opinions with the help from a bunch of live music fans. I’ve gotten a little too fickle in a couple spots in my old age, and I think it’s affecting the blog negatively. No more room for that in my life.

Enjoy and always feel free to drop me a note if you like the site or not. /end RantFest

–Justin Ward, Editor/Guru