Tuesday’s Links

The Jessifugcation of Ashlee – this made me laugh out loud. I really don’t frequent this blog enough…

rbally has some live R.E.M. mp3’s from 1984 for downloading.

Guns N’ Roses have announced two nights at the Hammerstein Ballroom in New York City. Zuh?

(aside: Can you believe that I actually found a working definition of the word ‘zuh?’ It was used in the Simpsons episode where Skinner and Krabappel get together)

Jambands.com reviews Langerado 2006.

Widespread Panic just announced a monster of a summer tour.

Wolfmother also announced a bunch of tour dates (making one stop in Chicago) after their Coachella appearance.

Michael Jackson is allegedly selling off a good chunk of his Sony/BMG catalog (including the Beatles’ rights) to stop his imminent backruptcy. Yeah right. He’ll still go broke.

Links are cool and you know it.