Tuesday Links

So, I’ve developed this really bad habit of not keeping up with my blog feeds, and then all of a sudden they become completely unruly. I need to get this fat all trimmed up and stuff, and hopefully that means the daily links are going to start being a little bit more varied. We’ll see; at least that that’s the idea.

In the meantime, let’s all suffer through it together.

Sleater-Kinney is on my list for Lollapalooza must-see’s.

Umphrey’s McGee makes NPR. Their show on Friday night in Philadelphia was half-broadcast live over the local airwaves, and it’s up for archive on NPR’s site. Check it out.

Download the Flaming Lips’ performance from WXPN’s World Cafe on mp3.

I’ve been listening to Belle & Sebastian The Life Pursuit quite a bit recently. I really, really like this album. It’s one fitting piece of art if you ask me–one of “those” albums that just flows. They’re doing tons of dates in Europe, Australia, and some America after that so catch them on tour while you can.

Glide Magazine has some more photos from Andy Tennille’s trip to Coachella 2006.

Also at Glide, win a pair of tickets to Mountain Jam.

Also at Glide and featuring Andy Tennille, Smell the Glove #6 has Les Claypool waxing on Electric Apricot (among other things). This is a must-listen for today…