Tuesday Links

Wired profiles their seven best sci-fi albums of all time. Kraftwerk’s The Man-Machine made the list. Nice.

Cokemachineglow reviews the Secret Machines’ Ten Silver Drops and Spoon’s A Series of Sneaks, both excellent albums in my opinion.

The name of this supergroup is enough to make me stop liking jambands altogether. Flame away.

TBS is using some interesting advertising strategies for their upcoming Lord of the Rings trilogy airing in a couple weeks. I think it would have been more effective if they used the Brokeback Mountain score, similar to Brokeback Island or Brokeback to the Future.

Rolling Stone photo-profiles the Top 10 artists to watch in 2006. TV on the Radio and Wolfmother are the most notables in my eyes.

Act fast…you can buy a copy of The Duo’s Big Horse right now which is being released in Japan only. Ropeadope hooks it up.

STS9’s last set at Jam in the ‘Dam has been posted on the Archive. Please tell me that I can expect full sets from all bands to be archives…please please please. At any rate, I’m also going to start a Jam in the ‘Dam download page just in case…

Also at Rolling Stone, they’ve got Wilco photos up from their recent St. Louis show and a review of NOFX’s latest, Never Trust a Hippy.

re: Never Trust a Hippy — you know how many punk songs there are in this world that specifically target and make fun of all hippies, wookies and overall wasteoids? Does anyone know of any jamband songs that are like, “whoah, we don’t mosh and we don’t like punks?” And yet, Umphrey’s McGee covers Fugazi’s “Waiting Room” all the time, easily one of the Top 10 punk songs of all time (#7 on this list). Something to think about…

Productshop NYC sits down with the Beastie Boys on their new concert film, Awesome: I Fucking Shot That. Good stuff.

Chuck Klosterman reviews Guns N’ Roses’ Chinese Democracy album in the new, new Spin. Too funny.
“Skeptics might also bristle at the anger that still resides in Axl’s heart; his hairstyle and facial features have changed, but his inner intensity remains grizzly-esque. On the caustic rocker “Slash and Burned,” Rose lashes out at his former bandmates now in Velvet Revolver with staggering specificity: “Your singer has cocaine eyes and a skeletonized trance / We’ll see if RCA recoups their advance.” Rose has also retained his pathological distaste for the media, lyrically attacking the editors of Vanity Fair, MTV personality Sway, numerous teenage bloggers, and the city hall reporter for the Cincinnati Enquirer (who, curiously, has never written about pop music).”